Port-a-Party! OrigAudio Fold-up Speakers

June 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

In response to yesterday’s Glamping post my friend Holly sent info on these awesome OrigAudio speakers ($19.99 each) which I will definitely pick up before the next trip.

They’re made from recycled materials, fold-up onto themselves, AND run off your device power so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries.

This one would have been the most glamping-esqe BUT it looks like they are customizable so I came up with this one

A little retro wood grain action if you want to go classy MadMen style…

…but denim is the hot look of the season so I couldn’t help myself. I am imaging blasting some MGMT on these hotties. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


My First Glamping Excursion

June 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

After pouring over the blogs I finally ventured out to have my own glamping adventure and boy was it a lot of work!! Granted most of my  supplies had to be bought and I learned some good lessons, the next time around should go much smoother.

Vintage candelabra- check. Tea lights in vintage mason jars- check. New oilcloth tablecloth- check.

Vintage wine goblets- check. And this genius invention they sit in was created for the sole purpose of staking wine glasses and a bottle into the ground for picnics and camping- Picnic Stix-$12.95 They were well used over the weekend.

My favorite part of the glamping had to be the morning mimosas.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?

And I can’t leave out all of the amazing meals we had- caramelized onions cooked on the propane stove (my secret to to-die-for onions: fry them in equal amounts of butter and vegetable oil)

combined with grilled peppers, avocado, and crema (sour cream mixed with lime juice) made the best brunch fajitas.

Those onions combined with a little thinly sliced pear, thickly sliced brie, and chewy rustic bread made the perfect panini.

Grilled on the skillet (a giant non-stick frying pan and a propane stove were my BFF’s all weekend)

The panini’s came out even better than expected. We gave most of these away to our neighbors so we wouldn’t eat them all. Then we kicked ourselves for it.

Dried figs, sliced in half then topped with goat cheese and shredded fresh basil. This snack was really easy to make and didn’t dirty too many dishes.

Some of the lessons I learned- planning the menu beforehand is key but next time I will try to plan meals that use the same ingredients or use all of the ingredients. MOST of my little car was filled with groceries- 70% of which came back with us because I only used a little bit of everything.  Another option would have been to measure out what I needed beforehand- only packing what I needed.

Also- check in on your campgrounds to see if it will be a good spot for glamping. Our spot had a building with flush toilets, electrical plugs, and showers but last year all we had was a honeybucket. Make sure your site is plenty secluded from the others- we had to buy earplugs due to our rowdy (and potty-mouthed) neighbors that sat a mere four feet from our tent- not cool!

Most important- music! As much as I loved listening to my neighbor’s country music it would have been great to have our own soundtrack to the weekend. I will definitely be sure to pick up some good portable mp3 speakers before we go again.

Thanks so much to my friend Mandy for being such a good sport and going along with everything. Man we sure got some stares from the neighbors!

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