Hunting for bunting

February 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

BUNTING! Whenever I see it I know it’s going to be a good time. It’s like the moustache of party decorations. I love how it’s popping up in all different forms lately.

DIY necklace inspired by Anthropologie- tutorial here.

Bunting in fondant

Double bunting all the way! It’s so beautiful! Etsy blog here, DIY here.

Say it with a bunting card! DIY here.

Or ditch the card altogether! What a cute idea for a save-the-date or just a nice note to a friend. Etsy shop here. Happy bunting!


A new theme to obsess over

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What do you get when you take the whimsical eccentricity of Alice in Wonderland and twist it with the dark romance of Twilight?

… another reason to host a girls night. Here are some event ideas for you to bring to your hood.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I’m in love with this Snow White themed dessert table (or “sweet table” as she calls it- so cute!) from UK’s Belle Amour. The whole look and feel of it makes you feel like you’re in a snowy fairytale forest. To help you create your own I scourged the internet and found these deer cupcake toppers,  this stitched heart button,  instead of white dwarves- find some mismatched wolf statues from Goodwill and spray paint them white a few coats to get a nice opaque finish.


This fairy event had amazing detail- I loved the cake stands made from tree trunks and the topiary pops to add to a forest theme. I would do the topiaries with red velvet cake pops instead of lollipops- lucky you there is a tutorial posted here.

Birch candleholders- $24 for the set

What to do with the big bad wolf now that grandmother has escaped? He dined on her- now dine on him. Faux Fur table runner inspired by this wedding in Atlanta.

Moss accents gives the feel of an old-growth forest- moss balls- $4.95 each, moss runner- $10.00, and mossy rocks- $7.99.

Love it. Moss and bamboo, burlap and grapevine, and apparently eight hours to kill. Props to Katie Grace. Consider swapping the bird for a black wolf or red hooded silhouette.

I’m really hoping to execute on this one but for the time being I’m helping a friend throw a Tinker Bell party for her daughter. First hurdle is to get the birthday girl away from the request of a cake that has the potential to be the target of a  Cakewrecks joke. Wish me luck.

Chalk it up!

February 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Chalkboard is my new favorite thing for entertaining and decorating-  it’s vintage, it’s versatile, and best of all- you can change your mind as many times as you want and it will still be there for you.

Mini chalkboards for labeling food at a dessert/buffet table, writing a menu, or just a simple “welcome” for guests at your front table. 4″x6″ chalkboard with easel from Child Therapy Toys~ $12.95

This little chalk tag would be agreat idea for drink tags, or gift tags that can be used over and over again. Set of 12~ $4.00 via Art Fire

Saved my favorite for last! Set of four moustache napkin rings $24 on BLTD. For when you want to keep it classy.

…or if that isn’t versatile enough for you- do it yourself. Chalkboard paint- $24.97 at Home Depot.

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