Emerging Trends in Celebrations Day 2: Ruffle Cakes

June 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

Can pastries get any girlier? I’ve started seeing these pop up all over the place from cute little girl parties to whimsical weddings.

Is that sequined heart edible or is that a party favor for the hostess? Either way I want one.  by Cupcakes Couture.

I love the pairing of the ruffles with the flowers- the petals are the perfect echo to the texture. Cakes from Sugar Custom Cakes.

I love the two-toned frosting on these frilly cupcakes from sweet e’s–  the baker gives a couple pointers on re-creating the look in the Flickr comments here.

More like pleats than ruffles- this cake has a more structured, sophisticated feel- the baker used layers of white chocolate. By Nicky Grant Patisserie and Chocolatier.


Emerging Trends in Celebration Decoration Day 1: Fringe Benefits

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Last year it was all about dress-up photo booths, fake moustaches on a stick, bunting and cake pops. So what’s new and awesome? I’ll be posting something new every day for the next week. Today it’s fringe!

First came the economic recession and all people want is a little order, a sense of control; preppy prints and clean lines. Now that the economy is recovering everyone is craving a little crazy. 

Confetti Systems– pioneering the tassle trend.

Photo shoot by Martha Stewart. I love the place cards!

Wedding picture from A Beautiful Mess, you can buy your own custom version on the Nice Etsy shop. Not just for love and marriage- make your own with glittered letters paired with fringe from the fabric store, anything from “Hooray!” to “Leave Already!”

Speaking of weekend projects- I am already blocking out my next DIY project for this fringe chandelier from Sweetest Occasion.


Out of control. Brought to you by Bash, Please.

Go crazy! Release your inner flapper in 40 different colors- chainette fringe by the yard here. Metallic party drape via Amazon. Make sure and keep the colors to one or two to avoid looking like a used car lot.

Decoration inspiration: Oddfellows Cafe

June 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

I love going to new places to get inspired- usually I find inspiration from weddings, thrift stores, the occasional boutique hotel- it’s rare when I find inspiration from a cafe. I can’t decide what element I like best- the original brick walls, the vintage signs, or the well-worn antique dressers and hutches offset by industrial light fixtures and steel chairs.

The Specials board is hanging by giant cables on pulleys offset by iron weights.

Even the floral arrangements and terrariums added to the cafe’s time-capsule effect.

I love the tiered display of sugars for coffee and the drawers as lid containers. If you’re in the Seattle area- www.oddfellowscafe.com

Picnic themed barbeque with Slider Bar feature

June 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

My family had never seen me go into full-blown party panning mode until this Mother’s Day- as a present to my mom I offered to not only style the party she hosted for my giant army of aunts/uncles/cousins, etc. but also do all of the cooking and baking.

Chalkboard paint put to good use.

I printed out the “Lemonade” sign from my computer before tracing over the black ink with chalk- one of my favorite party tricks. I like to smudge the paper a bit to give it the chalkboard effect.

The best part was the slider bar!

The guests loved being able to try different combinations of gourmet toppings without the commitment of an entire burger.

Grilled pineapple, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, cheddar, and blue cheese.

Spreads in mason jars- I loved the idea of using clothespins for the labels. Avocado, barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, mayo and ketchup.

And yes, it may take some hunting but some of the fancier grocery stores actually sell slider buns- brioche is a good alternative and there’s always dinner rolls.

My little creations.One grilled pineapple/onion/mayo/teriyaki sauce. The other sautéed mushrooms/blue cheese and bbq sauce. SO good.

New theme! Yay!

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I finally took some time off from work and changed the theme- I really got distracted by all the crazy bright colors going on. Not to mention the fact I’d run into at least three other blogs with my theme. Just like showing up at the prom with the same dress as another girl. Not cool.

The new header is a fluke- I accidentally erased the old one- whoops. Freudian slip because the site was ready for a new one. Enjoy!

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