Design inspiration: Concrete Blonde

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Concrete Blonde is a new restaurant in Sydney. I’m LOVING the combination of the opposing elements…

wood vs. steel

organic vs. forged

warm vs. cold

Here are some pieces I found so you can re-create the look in your space for a fraction of the price.


  1. Cellar Wine Rack (3 shown)- $39.95 at CB2
  2. Felix Walnut Side Chair– $89.95 at Crate & Barrel
  3. Wood Slice Coasters– $11.99 on Amazon
  4. Cru Wine Rack– $157.50 from Umbra
  5. Pulley Pendant Lamp– $199 on CB2
  6. TORSBY Dining Table– $139 at Ikea

Emerging Trends in Celebrations Day 3: Meet my friend ROY G BIV

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Rainbow color schemes are all over the place these days- what better way to add energy to a space. Make it more modern by focusing on white or black with rainbow accents.

Why hide the true origins? Notice the pillar candle wraps.  David Stark 

 Rainbow cake- lots more pictures and tutorial on whatever… I’d love to try and inverse the coloring with 8 layers of white cake and rainbow frosting in between.

Jello slices! So clever. Photo from Coolhunter, tutorial on Not Martha.

Great way to make a statement- love the mixed mediums of lines and dots. Via Blowout Party!

I’ve seen mini bunting but these adorable yarn poms look like mini tissue poms. Buy at Etsy here.

I love this party trick! Totally had me stumped until I did some digging and found a recipe and tutorial here.

All of these ideas can be great themes on their own, but can also tie in for a Wizard of Oz or St, Patrick’s Day party.

Decoration inspiration: Oddfellows Cafe

June 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

I love going to new places to get inspired- usually I find inspiration from weddings, thrift stores, the occasional boutique hotel- it’s rare when I find inspiration from a cafe. I can’t decide what element I like best- the original brick walls, the vintage signs, or the well-worn antique dressers and hutches offset by industrial light fixtures and steel chairs.

The Specials board is hanging by giant cables on pulleys offset by iron weights.

Even the floral arrangements and terrariums added to the cafe’s time-capsule effect.

I love the tiered display of sugars for coffee and the drawers as lid containers. If you’re in the Seattle area-

Hunting for bunting

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BUNTING! Whenever I see it I know it’s going to be a good time. It’s like the moustache of party decorations. I love how it’s popping up in all different forms lately.

DIY necklace inspired by Anthropologie- tutorial here.

Bunting in fondant

Double bunting all the way! It’s so beautiful! Etsy blog here, DIY here.

Say it with a bunting card! DIY here.

Or ditch the card altogether! What a cute idea for a save-the-date or just a nice note to a friend. Etsy shop here. Happy bunting!

Chalk it up!

February 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Chalkboard is my new favorite thing for entertaining and decorating-  it’s vintage, it’s versatile, and best of all- you can change your mind as many times as you want and it will still be there for you.

Mini chalkboards for labeling food at a dessert/buffet table, writing a menu, or just a simple “welcome” for guests at your front table. 4″x6″ chalkboard with easel from Child Therapy Toys~ $12.95

This little chalk tag would be agreat idea for drink tags, or gift tags that can be used over and over again. Set of 12~ $4.00 via Art Fire

Saved my favorite for last! Set of four moustache napkin rings $24 on BLTD. For when you want to keep it classy.

…or if that isn’t versatile enough for you- do it yourself. Chalkboard paint- $24.97 at Home Depot.

Memorial Day Glamping (Glam+Camping)

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This year will be year two of the annual Memorial Day weekend camping trip with my two best friends from high school Myra and Mandy.

Last year was my first time ever camping without my dad running the show so obviously being the resident chef I demanded to make all of the food and was pleased to find out if you bring a frying pan you can pretty much make anything you want.

I am obsessed with the UK phenomenon of Glamping (which is glam camping)- so this year we’re going to do the Memorial Day camping trip a little differently.

Cute decor. Candles everywhere. Couture clothes and heels. Fondue and red wine night. Gourmet meals. Mani-pedis by the fire. I just can’t wait for an even better weekend with my girlfriends than last year if that’s even possible. The best part of all this is I was mentioning it to another friend and she said “um… can you go glamping again this summer and can I come?!?”

I will definitely be posting photos but until then- fellow glampers-here are some links to help guide you to your first glamping excursion and maybe help you prep for the big trip:

Glamping Girl’s Ultimate Glamping Checklist

Wine glasses that travel great and can withstand any weather. Set of 2 stainless steel wine goblets– $24.00

Just say NO to beans and wieners! Seriously- some of us want to avoid sitting in the outhouse all night.  You can pretty much cook anything you would cook on a normal stove over the fireplace with a sturdy skillet but if you’re looking for some inspiration here’s Robin Donovan’s Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors– $10.85Or just bring the kitchen to you! Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven– $183

Sleep away in style and be way ahead of the trend. Shoot you can’t even find this booty in the states. Ric Rac Striped Teepee from UK designer Cath Kidston- £65.00

Juicy’s jumping on the bandwagon so it must be cool. Juicy Couture Sleeping Bag + Pillow Set – $178

For the weekend I plan to sew us a super-cute canopy  to hang over our picnic table with fresh linens and grosgrain ribbon, utilize my parents’ toastite maker, in addition to plushy pillows and candelabras. Can’t wait to post the pictures!

Design Makeover- Laurie and Dave’s Bathroom

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Recently my cousin Laurie asked me to help her take on the master bathroom in the fixer-upper house she bought with her husband Dave. I took some pictures and used Photoshop to lay out photos of products I found on the web. I love using Photoshop to design room layouts and decorating schemes- all you need to do is copy and paste the images into the tool, then cut away and background color and ctrl+T to begin resizing to fix the perspective.

Not bad by any means but Laurie and Dave are a young couple and the 90’s theme doesn’t fit them- time for an update!

I like to call this the “potty nook.” My motto is “a place for everything and everything in its place”- and that place is out of sight. I recommended Laurie replace the shelves with a floating cabinet to conceal clutter.

Laurie loves Paris and wanted her bathroom to match the style and colors of a print she had in the room.

Ta-da! Here the what and why:

  • replace the flooring with slate tile and the counter tops with crushed recycled glass
  • sand and stain the cabinets and add updated handles
  • the long mirror made the room look narrow, so I broke up the space by having his and hers framed mirrors with floating shelves below
  • the main elements of the room are dark with the rich blue color of the walls, espresso wood, and the slate tiles- I made a contrast by adding decorative elements in white and glass that really stand out in the room, such as a cascading fall of CB2’s hanging globe candle holders, white vases, and apothecary jars
  • The white medicine cabinet had to go- I was not a fan. I found a floating espresso cabinet to go in between the sinks so both Laurie and Dave can reach it easily and once again clutter is hidden.
  • I am in love with vintage bathroom fixtures so I added the cute faucet I found at

Laurie’s favorite piece was the Eiffel Tower bookends I used on either side of the white towels. The floating cabinet I found at Ikea as part of a TV storage system. The right side of the picture is Laurie’s shower curtain from Crate and Barrel. I can’t wait to see the finished product and post the before/after pics!

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